Special Fee Program

We have committed a portion of our business to help clients move forward by providing support with a "special fee program". We want people to succeed.

Through the years I have seen great people, ideas, products and causes fall short of their full potential or just plain fail. It's painful to see when incredible commitment has been invested. A lack of money available for marketing is often the last straw. I hate to see it so I decided to do something about it. The "special fee program" is a reduced sliding fee structure that adapts to your situation. There are some criteria to meet but don’t let that keep you from picking up the phone.

There also is a lot of "bunkering in" going on these days in terms of growth and spending. It's all natural, however it can lead to a breakdown in momentum. I think the thought process needs to be revised to help clients break through this plateau and move forward.

Give us a call and let us know what you need and what your situation is and we will dive in. Partnering with a purpose and commitment makes a difference.


Here are a few examples: Non profits, craftsman, musicians, chefs, small business, inventors, special causes